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Plot svm objects


Generates a scatter plot of the input data of a svm fit for classification models by highlighting the classes and support vectors. Optionally, draws a filled contour plot of the class regions.


plot.svm(x, data, formula, fill = TRUE, grid = 50, slice = list(), ...)


x An object of class svm
data data to visualize. Should be the same used for fitting.
formula formula selecting the visualized two dimensions. Only needed if more than two input variables are used.
fill switch indicating whether a contour plot for the class regions should be added.
grid granularity for the contour plot.
slice a list of named numeric values for the dimensions held constant (only needed if more than two variables are used). Dimensions not specified are fixed at 0.
... additional graphics parameters passed to filled.contour and plot.


David Meyer

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## a simple example
m <- svm(Sex~., data = cats)
plot(m, cats)

## more than two variables: fix 2 dimensions
m2 <- svm(Species~., data = iris)
plot(m2, iris, Petal.Width ~ Petal.Length,
     slice = list(Sepal.Width = 3, Sepal.Length = 4))

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