plot.tune {e1071}R Documentation

Plot tuning object


Visualizes the results of parameter tuning.


plot.tune(x, type = c("contour", "perspective"), theta = 60,
          col = "lightblue", main = NULL, xlab = NULL, ylab = NULL,
          swapxy = FALSE, transform.x = NULL, transform.y = NULL,
          transform.z = NULL, color.palette = topo.colors,
          nlevels = 20, ...)


x an object of class tune
type choose whether a contour plot or a perspective plot is used if two parameters are to be visualized. Ignored if only one parameter has been tuned.
theta angle of azimuthal direction.
col the color(s) of the surface facets. Transparent colours are ignored.
main main title
xlab, ylab titles for the axes. N.B. These must be character strings; expressions are not accepted. Numbers will be coerced to character strings.
swapxy if TRUE, the parameter axes are swaped (only used in case of two parameters).
transform.x, transform.y, transform.z functions to transform the parameters (x and y) and the error measures (z). Ignored if NULL.
color.palette color palette used in contour plot.
nlevels number of levels used in contour plot.
... Further graphics parameters.


David Meyer (based on C/C++-code by Chih-Chung Chang and Chih-Jen Lin)

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  obj <- tune.svm(Species~., data = iris, sampling = "fix",
                  gamma = 2^c(-8,-4,0,4), cost = 2^c(-8,-4,-2,0))
  plot(obj, transform.x = log2, transform.y = log2)
  plot(obj, type = "perspective", theta = 120, phi = 45)

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