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Write SVM object to file


This function exports an SVM object (trained by svm) to two specified files. One is in the format that the function 'svm_load_model' of libsvm can read. The other is for scaling data, containing a data with centers and scales for all variables.


write.svm(object, svm.file, scale.file)


object Object of class "svm", created by svm.
svm.file filename to export the svm object to.
scale.file filename to export the scaling data of the svm object to.


This function is useful when SVM models trained in R shall be used in other environments. The SVM model is saved in the standard format of libsvm. The scaling data is written to a separate file because scaling data is not included in the standard format of libsvm. The format of the scaling data file is a n times 2 matrix: the n-th row corresponds to the n-th dimension of the data, the colums being formed of the corresponding mean and scale.


Tomomi TAKASHINA (based on 'predict.svm' by David Meyer) t.takashina@computer.org

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## classification mode
# default with factor response:
model <- svm (Species~., data=iris)

# export SVM object to file
write.svm(model, svm.file = "iris-classifier.svm", scale.file = "iris-classifier.scale")

# read scale file
# the n-th row is corresponding to n-th dimension. The 1st column contains the
# center value, the 2nd column is the scale value.


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