SubscriptList {externalVector}R Documentation

Function to convert a list of array subscripts to a list objects of class vectorIndex.


SubscriptList takes a list of subscripts to a subset or subassign operation and converts each subscript to an object belonging to the virtual class vectorIndex.


SubscriptList(subs, length.object, dim.object = NULL, names.object = NULL, dimnames.object = NULL, assign.operation = FALSE)


subs An object of class "list", elements are valid subscripts.
length.object A scalar of class "integer", representing the length of the object being subsetted or subassigned.
dim.object An object of class "integer" or NULL, the dimension of the object.
names.object An object belonging to class union "validNamesClass", the names of the object viewed as a vector.
dimnames.object NULL or an object of class "list", each of whose elements are objects belonging to class union "validNamesClass".
assign.operation A scalar of class "logical", if TRUE the subscripts are for a subasign operation, if FALSE, the subscripts are for a subset operation.


An object of class "list" of same length as subs with each element a


Saikat DebRoy <>

See Also

See class union vectorNamesType-class for possible subscripts which are matched against the names.object or elements of dimnames.object.

Also see class union vectorIndex-class for some other possible subscripts and for all possible elements in the returned list.

Finally, see [ for other subscripts that are valid.


subs <- alist(i= , j= )
subs$j <- 1:4
SubscriptList(subs, 15, c(3, 5))
SubscriptList(list(i=c("a", "c"), j=-2), 15, c(3, 5),
              dimnames=list(letters[1:3], LETTERS[1:5]))

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