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Class "nativeStorageMethods", class holding an external pointer to a C storeageMethods structure.


This simple class has only one purpose - holding an external pointer that contains a pointer to a C storageMethods structure. The memory for the C structure is allocated by the "gcAllocator" memory allocator.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("nativeStorageMethods", ...). For details on how the ... argument to new works, see documentation for the "initialize" method for class "externalResource".

The ptr slot in a newly created object contains pointer to an uninitialized C storageMethods structure.


Object of class "externalptr"


Class "externalResource", directly.


Signature components of the methods:

resource The class "nativeStorageMethods"
ptr The class "externalptr"
size The class "ANY"
type The class "ANY"

Description of the methods:

Returns the size of the C storageMethods structure in bytes.
Returns an object of class "gcAllocator".
Return the ptr slot.
initializeResource(resource, ptr, size, type, ...):
Sets the ptr

See Also

nativeStorageMethodsList-class for how this class is used.

externalResource-class for more on the super class of this class.

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