setExternalStorageClass {externalVector}R Documentation

Create subclass of externalStorage


Function to create a subclass of "externalStorage" and associate native C methods with the class.


setExternalStorageClass(Class, methodNames, ..., contains = "externalStorage", where = topenv(parent.frame()))


Class Character string, name for the class.
methodNames Character vector, names of the native C functions for use as methods (see Adding Native Methods below).
... Other arguments passed to setClass.
contains what classes does this class extend? (These are called superclasses in some languages.) Should have at least one class name which is a subclass of "externalStorage".
where The environment in which to store or remove the definition. Defaults to the top-level environment of the calling function (the global environment for ordinary computations, but the environment or namespace of a package when loading that package).


This function does two things. It creates a subclass of "externalStorage". It also associates a set of given C methods as native methods for this subclass of "externalStorage".

Adding Native Methods

To make the external vectors as efficient as possible, the interface between the storage method classes and the "externalVectorWithSTorage" class uses a set of C function pointers for each subclass of "externalStorage". There are two types of methods - those which are for a particular type of vector and those which are not for a particular type. For a type xxx where xxx is one of logical, integer, numeric, complex or character, the type specific functions are
xxxGetElt get an element from vector of type xxx
xxxSetElt set an element in a vector of type xxx
xxxSubset subset a vector of type xxx
xxxSubassign subassign a vector of type xxx
xxxGetMatrixElt get an element from matrix of type xxx
xxxSetMatrixElt set an element in a matrix of type xxx
xxxMatrixSubset subset a matrix of type xxx
xxxMatrixSubassign subassign a matrix of type xxx

The functions not specific to any type are
alloc allocate a new storage object
size return the length of the vector in the storage object
resize modify the length of the vector in the storage object

The subset and subassign functions for vectors and matrices have reasonable default implementations in terms of the element get/set functions - so they need not be implemented for each "externalStorage" subclass.

The methodNames argument to setExternalStorageClass must be used to register any C function for use as a particular method. This argument must be a character vector with elements of the form methodName=functionName where methodName is one of the method names given in the tables above and function name is a C function name which has been registered as a C function with R using the foreign function registration mechanism. See the chapter on “System and foreign language interfaces” in “Writing R Extensions” in the ‘doc/manual’ subdirectory of the R source tree for more details on registering C functions.

See Also

setClass for possible arguments in .... externalStorage-class for the "externalStorage" class.


## Not run: 
setExternalStorageClass("simpleStorage", c(logicalGetElt="simpleLogicalGetElt",
                        contains = "externalStorage")
## End(Not run)

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