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Class "simpleStorage", an external storage class that uses reference to R basic vectors as storage


The class "simpleStorage" is an implementation of the "externalStorage" class. The actual storage for the vector object is contained in an R basic vector referenced through the ptr slot.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("simpleStorage", type, length). See the initialize method for "externalStorage" for details.


Object of class "externalptr", keeps the R basic vector in the protected field. For "logical", "integer", "numeric", "complex", the address field of the external pointer also holds a pointer to the data in the basic R vector.
Object of class "vector", a vector object of length one representing the type of object stored in the external storage. Usually one of the basic R vector types.
Object of class "integer", Cached value for the length of the vector stored in the external storage.


Class "externalStorage", directly. Class "externalResource", by class "externalStorage".


Signature components for the methods:

resource The class "simpleStorage"

Description of the methods:

Length of the vector to be stored.
The type of vector to be stored.

See Also

externalStorage-class to see details of the super class.

externalVector to create "externalVector" objects that use this resource.

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