Functional Data Analysis

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-- B --

bsplinepen B-Spline Penalty Matrix
bsplineS B-spline Basis Function Values

-- C --

cca.2fun.fd Canonical Correlation for Two Functional Data Objects
cca.fd Canonical correlation analysis
center.fd Center Functional Data
create.basis Create a Basis Object
create.bifd Create a Two-Argument Functional Data Object
create.bspline.basis Create a set of B-spline basis functions for constructing a functional data object.
create.constant.basis Create a Constant Basis
create.exponential.basis Create an Exponential Basis
create.fd Create a Functional Data Object
create.fourier.basis Create a set of Fourier basis functions for constructing a functional data object.
create.polygonal.basis Create a Polygonal Basis
create.power.basis Create a Power Basis Object

-- D --

data2fd Convert Discrete Data to Functional Data
densityfd Compute a Probability Density Function
derivFd Compute a Derivative Functional Data Object
df2lambda Convert Degrees of Freedom to Smoothing Parameter

-- E --

eval.bifd Evaluate a Two-argument Functional Data Object
eval.fd Evaluate a Functional Data Object
eval.monfd Evaluate a Monotone Functional Data Object
expon Exponential Basis Function Values
exponpen Exponential Penalty Matrix

-- F --

fourier Fourier Basis Function Values
fourierpen Fourier Penalty Matrix

-- G --

getbasis Get the Basis Object from a Functional Data Object
getbasismatrix Get Values of Basis Functions
getbasispenalty Evaluate a Roughness Penalty Matrix
getbasistype Get the Basis Type from a Basis Object
getcoef Get the Coefficient Array from a Functional Data Object

-- I --

inprod Inner product of two functional data objects or two basis objects

-- L --

lambda2df Convert Smoothing Parameter to Degrees of Freedom
landmarkreg Registration of Functional Observations Using Landmarks
linesFd Add Lines from Functional Data to a Plot
linmod.fd Fit One of Three Types of Functional Linear Model.

-- M --

meanFd Mean of Functional Data

-- P --

pca.fd Functional Principal Components Analysis
plotCcaFd Plot Output from Canonical Correlation Function CCA.FD
plotFd Plot a Functional Data Object
plotfit.fd Plot a Functional Data Object Along with Data
plotPcaFd Plot Output from Principal Components Analysis Function PCA.FD
polyg Polygonal Basis Function Values
polygpen Polygonal Penalty Matrix
posfd Smooth Data with a Positive Function using a Roughness Penalty
powerbasis Power Basis Function Values
powerpen Power Penalty Matrix
printFd Print a Functional Data Object
project.basis Approximate Functional Data Using a Basis

-- R --

registerfd Register Functional Data Objects

-- S --

smooth.basis Smooth Data using a Roughness Penalty
smooth.fd Smooth a Functional Data Object Using a Roughness Penalty
smooth.monotone Monotone Smoothing of Data
smooth.Pspline Smooth Data with Using mth Derivative Penalty
std.fd Standard Deviation of Functional Data
sumFd Sum of Functional Data
summaryFd Summarize a Functional Data Object

-- V --

var.fd Variance and Covariance Surfaces for a Functional Data Object
varmx.pca.fd Rotation of Functional Principal Components with VARIMAX Criterion

-- W --

warpsmth A Smooth Monotone Warping Function