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Plot a Functional Data Object Along with Data


Functional observations are plotted one by one along with the data used to estimate them.


plotfit.fd(y, argvals, fd, rng=rangeval, index=1:nrep,
           nfine=101, residual=FALSE, sortwrd=FALSE)


y The discrete observations used to estimate the functional data object.
argvals The argument values corresponding to y.
fd The functional data object to be plotted.
rng A vector of two strictly increasing values specifying a range over which the plots are to be shown. This range must be contained within the range used to define the functional data object.
index A set of indices of functions if only a subset of the observations are to be plotted.
nfine The number of argument values used to define the plot of the functional data object.
residual A logical variable. If TRUE, the residuals are plotted rather than the data and functional data object.
sortwrd A logical variable. If TRUE, the observations are sorted for plotting by the size of the sum of squared residuals.



A set of plots, where a mouse click advances from one plot to the next.




See Also

plotFd, linesFd


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