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Documentation for package `genArise' version 1.0.0

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a.arise A Arise
alter.unique Remove Duplicates
bg.correct Background Correction
classes Classes Defined by this Package
cys.plot Data Visualization: Cy3 vs Cy5
DataSet-class DataSet - class
filter.spot Intensity-based filtering of array elements
genArise GUI: Graphical User Interface
genMerge genMerge: Post-Genomic Analysis
global.norm Global Normalization of Spot
grid.norm Normalization by grid of Spot
i.arise I Arise
imageLimma Image Plot of Microarray
m.arise M Arise
ma.plot Data Visualization: M vs. A plot
meanUnique Remove Duplicates
r.arise Get R value
read.spot Read Spot from File
ri.plot Data Visualization: R vs I
Simon Dataset: Little fragment of a microarray from IFC UNAM
Spot-class Spot - class
spotUnique Replicate filtering
write.dataSet Write dataSet
write.spot Write Spot
WT.dataset Microarray from the IFC
Zscore Z-scores for identifying differential expression
Zscore.plot Z-score Data Visualization: R vs I or M vs A