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Read Spot from File


Read all file, but only extract the interested columns and create a Spot object.

Usage, cy3 = 1, cy5 = 2, bg.cy3 = 3, bg.cy5 =
4, ids = 5, header = FALSE, sep = "\t", is.ifc = FALSE)

Arguments a connection or a character string giving the name of the file to read where each column represent the spot components.
cy3 column that represent Cy3.
cy5 column that represent Cy5.
bg.cy3 column that represent BgCy3.
bg.cy5 column that represent BgCy5.
ids column that represent Id.
header the logical value of the header input file
sep the separator in the inputfile
is.ifc If is.ifc = TRUE this experiment was done in the Unit of Microarray from Cellular Phisiology Institute.

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