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A filter function for Analysis of Variance


Anova returns a function of one argument with bindings for cov and p. The function, when evaluated, performs an ANOVA using cov as the covariate. It returns TRUE if the p value for a difference in means is less than p.


Anova(cov, p=0.05, na.rm=TRUE)


cov The covariate. It must have length equal to the number of columns of the array that Anova will be applied to.
p The p-value for the test.
na.rm If set to TRUE any NA's will be removed.


The function returned by Anova uses lm to fit a linear model of the form lm(x ~ cov), where x is the set of gene expressions. The F statistic for an overall effect is computed and if it has a p-value less than p the function returns TRUE, otherwise it returns FALSE for that gene.


Anova returns a function with bindings for cov and p that will perform a one-way ANOVA.
The covariate can be continuous, in which case the test is for a linear effect for the covariate.


R. Gentleman

See Also

kOverA, lm


  af <- Anova(c(rep(1,5),rep(2,5)), .01)

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