dataViewport {grid}R Documentation

Create a Viewport with Scales based on Data


This is a convenience function for producing a viewport with x- and/or y-scales based on numeric values passed to the function.


dataViewport(xData = NULL, yData = NULL, xscale = NULL,
             yscale = NULL, extension = 0.05, ...)


xData A numeric vector of data.
yData A numeric vector of data.
xscale A numeric vector (length 2).
yscale A numeric vector (length 2).
extension A numeric. If length greater than 1, then first value is used to extend the xscale and second value is used to extend the yscale.
... All other arguments will be passed to a call to the viewport() function.


If xscale is not specified then the values in x are used to generate an x-scale based on the range of x, extended by the proportion specified in extension. Similarly for the y-scale.


A grid viewport object.


Paul Murrell

See Also

viewport and plotViewport.

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