grid.remove {grid}R Documentation

Remove a Grid Graphical Object


Remove a grob from a gTree or a descendant of a gTree.


grid.remove(gPath, warn = TRUE, strict  =  FALSE, grep = FALSE,
            global = FALSE, allDevices = FALSE, redraw = TRUE)

removeGrob(gTree, gPath, strict = FALSE, grep = FALSE, global = FALSE,
           warn = TRUE) 


gTree A gTree object.
gPath A gPath object. For grid.remove this specifyies a gTree on the display list. For removeGrob this specifies a descendant of the specified gTree.
strict A boolean indicating whether the gPath must be matched exactly.
grep A boolean indicating whether the gPath should be treated as a regular expression. Values are recycled across elements of the gPath (e.g., c(TRUE, FALSE) means that every odd element of the gPath will be treated as a regular expression).
global A boolean indicating whether the function should affect just the first match of the gPath, or whether all matches should be affected.
allDevices A boolean indicating whether all open devices should be searched for matches, or just the current device. NOT YET IMPLEMENTED.
warn A logical to indicate whether failing to find the specified grob should trigger an error.
redraw A logical value to indicate whether to redraw the grob.


removeGrob copies the specified grob and returns a modified grob.

grid.remove destructively modifies a grob on the display list. If redraw is TRUE it then redraws everything to reflect the change.


removeGrob returns a grob object; grid.remove returns NULL.


Paul Murrell

See Also

grob, getGrob, removeGrob, removeGrob.

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