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Supporting functions that have reuse values


These functions provide the capabilities that are useful for other purposes in addition to their roles with the package.


getCListWithVHScroll(nCol = 1, colNames = "Column 1", showTitle = TRUE)
getConWithVHScroll(what = "list", hScr = "automatic", vScr =
write2List(widget, text, replace = TRUE)
write2Text(widget, text, replace = TRUE)
pickObjs(objNames, fun = noAuto)
objNameToList(objNames, env)


nCol nCol an integer indicating the number of lists to be created for displaying data
colNames a vector of character strings for the names to be displayed as the title of data columns that are lists for displaying data
showTitle showTitle a boolean to indicate whether there will be titles for data columns
what what a character string indicating what type of widget (text, list, ...) will be created with horizontal and vertical scroll bars
hScr hSrc a character string that will be used for the SetPolicy function to define the property of a scroll bar
vScr vSrc same as hSrc but for vertical scroll bars
widget widget an RGtk objcet
text text a character string that is going to be displayed
replace code{replace} a boolean indicating whether to replace the existing text in a list or text box with a new set of values
objNames objNames a character string for the name of objects
fun fun an R function that will be used to filer objects
x x a character string for the name of an object
env env an R environment object


getCListWithVHScroll creates a box that contains a specified number of list boxes with a horizontal and vertical scroll bar.

getConWithVHScroll creates a text or list box with a horizontal and vertical bar.

write2List writes to a list box.

write2Text writes to a text box.

pickObjs takes a vector of strings for object names in an environment specified by the calling function and returns a vactor of strings for object names filtered out by a function.

noAuto returns TRUE if the character string passed equals to "Autoloads".

objNameToList takes a vector containing the names of R objects and returns a list of lists with name and object pairs. If a name is for a package, the content of the package will be associated with the package name.


This function does not return any useful value.


This function is part of the Bioconductor project at Dana-Faber Cancer Institute to provide Bioinformatics functionalities through R.


Jianhua Zhang



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