hex3d.legend {hexbin}R Documentation

Add 3d Hexagon Legend - EXPERIMENTAL


Plots the legend for the hex3d.plot function. Provides a legend indicating the count representations.


hex3d.legend(legend, ysize, lcex, inn,
             style = c("colorscale", "centroids", "lattice"),
             minarea = 0.05, maxarea = 0.8, mincnt = 1, maxcnt,
             trans = NULL, inv = NULL, colorcut, inner = 0.6,
             rot = 0, tilt = 0, tilt.dir = 0,
             lt.angle = 145, lt.azimuth = 30, peak = NULL, fg = NULL,
             border.base = NULL, border.top = NULL, border.side = NULL,
             colramp = function(n) { LinGray(n, beg = 90, end = 15)})


legend positive number giving width of the legend in inches.
ysize height of legend in inches
lcex the characters expansion size for the text in the legend, see par(cex=).
inn inner diameter of ... in inches, see also inner below.
style the hexagon style; must be one (unique abbreviation) of "grayscale", "lattice", "centroids", see hexagons.3d.
minarea, maxarea fraction of the cell area for the lowest and largest count, respectively.
mincnt, maxcnt minimum and maximum count accepted in plot.
trans a transformation function for the counts such as sqrt.
inv the inverse transformation function.
colorcut numeric vector of values covering [0, 1] the determine hexagon color classes boundaries and hexagon legend size boundaries.
inner the inner diameter of a hexagon in inches.
rot ~~Describe rot here~~
tilt ~~Describe tilt here~~
tilt.dir ~~Describe tilt.dir here~~
lt.angle ~~Describe lt.angle here~~
lt.azimuth ~~Describe lt.azimuth here~~
peak ~~Describe peak here~~
fg ~~Describe fg here~~
border.base ~~Describe border.base here~~
border.top ~~Describe border.top here~~
border.side ~~Describe border.side here~~
colramp function accepting an integer n as an argument and returning n colors.


Nicholas Lewin-Koh nikko@hailmail.net

See Also

hexbin, hex3d.plot, hexagons.3d.


 ## Not a stand alone function; typically only called from hex3d.plot()
## Not run: 
  hex3d.legend(legend = 2, ysize = 1,lcex=8,inner=0.2,
             maxcnt = 100, colorcut = c(0.5,0.5))
## End(Not run)

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