hgu95av2CHR {hgu95av2}R Documentation

Map Manufacturer IDs to Chromosomes


hgu95av2CHR is an R environment that provides mappings between a manufacturer id and the chromosome that contains the gene of interest.


Each manufacturer id maps to a vector of chromosomes. Due to inconsistencies that may exist at the time the environment was built, the vector may contain more than one chromosome (e.g., the id may map to more than one chromosome). If the chromosomal location is unknown, the vector will contain an NA.

Mappings were based on data provided by:

Entrez Gene:http://gopher5/compbio/annotationSourceData/ftp.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/gene/DATA/. Built: Source data downloaded from Entrez Gene on Tue Oct 4 21:15:59 2005

Package built: Tue Oct 4 21:31:35 2005


        # Convert to a list
        xx <- as.list(hgu95av2CHR)
        # Remove probe ids that do not map to any CHRLOC
        xx <- xx[!is.na(xx)]
        if(length(xx) > 0){
            # Get the chromosome number for the first five probes
            # Get the first one

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