hgu95av2QC {hgu95av2}R Documentation

Quality control information for hgu95av2


hgu95av2QC is an R environment that provides quality control information for hgu95av2


This file contains quality control information that can be displayed by typing hgu95av2() after loading the package using library(hgu95av2). The follow items are included:

Date built: Date when the package was built.

Number of probes: total number of probes included

Probe number missmatch: if the total number of probes of any of the data file is different from a base file used to check the data files the name of the data file will be listed

Probe missmatch: if any of probes in a data file missmatched that of the base file, the name of the data file will be listed

Mappings found for probe based files: number of mappings obtained for the total number of probes

Mappings found for non-probe based files: total number of mappings obtained

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