hgu95av2SUMFUNC {hgu95av2}R Documentation

Map between Manufacturer Identifiers and Gene Function Summaries


hgu95av2SUMFUNC is an R environment that provides mappings between manufacturer ids and brief summaries of functions of the gene products.


Each manufacturer id is mapped to a vector containing a brief summary of the function for the gene product. This information was previously supplied by LocusLink, but with the change to Entrez Gene these data may no longer be available, and the environment may be discontinued.

Mappings were based on data provided by:

Entrez Gene:http://gopher5/compbio/annotationSourceData/ftp.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/gene/DATA/. Built: Source data downloaded from Entrez Gene on Tue Oct 4 21:15:59 2005

Package built Tue Oct 4 21:31:35 2005




    # Convert the environment to a list
    xx <- as.list(hgu95av2SUMFUNC)
    if(length(xx) > 0){
        # The function summaries for the first two elements of XX
        # Get the first one

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