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Add a Menu for Windows to the Control Window


addWindowMenu adds a Window menu to the menu bar on the control window. addWindowMenu is called when the menu bar is initially placed on the control window and it is called whenever an old window is removed. By calling addWindowMenu whenever a window is removed, the Window menu on the control window will always be in synch with the windows that are open.




Elizabeth Whalen

See Also

createMainMenu, addSubMenuItem, setDeleteEvents, createView


  if (interactive())
    # should load data through Open Data or Open File under the File menu
    # plotting the data should occur through Plot Data under 
    # the Display menu
    createView(type = "plotView", dataName = "USArrests", 
               plotType = "sPlotView", dfRows = 1:nrow(USArrests), 
               dfColumns = 1:2)  
    # now look at the Window menu on the control window - should
    # have 2 elements: Control Window and Window 1

    # now close the gtk window that has the scatterplot in it
    # closing the window will cause setDeleteEvents, and thus,
    # addWindowMenu to be called

    # now the Window menu on the control window should only have
    # 1 element, the Control Window

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