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An environment to store information about the data sets to be plotted


dataEnv is an environment to store the data sets and other information about the data. It is the data sets that are stored in dataEnv that are available to be plotted in interactive scatterplots. Currently, there are three variables stored in dataEnv: defaultPlotData, dfList, and highColor. dataEnv pertains to storing information for the model in the model-view-controller paradigm.


defaultPlotData is a list that contains plot information that must be stored with every data set. The information in defaultPlotData is color, pch, highlit and hide. These will be added as columns to each data set that is loaded in dfList. For now, the default values for these variables are color="black", pch=1, highlit=FALSE, and hide=FALSE. Color is the color the row will be drawn in, pch is the plotting character for that row, highlit is whether that row is highlighted, and hide is whether that row is hidden. The default values for these variables can be changed by changing defaultPlotData.

dfList is the variable that stores the data sets that will be plotted. dfList is a list where each element is also a list, which contains two elements, curDF and origDF. So the first element of dfList would be a list that contains curDF and origDF, where curDF is the current state of the data set and origDF is the original state of the data set. Any changes that are made to the data set after it is added to dfList will only occur in curDF. When a data set is reset, curDF is set to origDF and all changes will be permanently removed.

highColor assigns what color will be shown when a point is highlighted. The default value for highColor is "red".


  # list the environment variables in dataEnv
  # return one of the environment variables

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