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Modify one or more points in a data set


modify can change one more points (a point being defined by a row and a column index) at a time in a data set loaded in dfList in dataEnv. dfList is the data environment variable that contains the loaded data sets. modify will check that the data to be added is of the correct type to match the other data in that column by calling checkIndivTypes.


modify(dfName, Rname, Cname, data)


dfName the dataframe name - a character string
Rname the row name or index (may be a vector of length greater than or equal to 1)
Cname the column name or index (may be a vector or length greater than or equal to 1)
data the new data to be placed in these points


Note that Rname, Cname and data must be the same length. Rname and Cname are vectors, but data is a list.


Elizabeth Whalen

See Also

checkIndivTypes, gUpdateDataMessage-class


  # should load data through Open Data or Open File under the File menu
  # should modify using the control window (by choosing the view mode and
  # then clicking on a plot)
  # to see the results

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