setControlWindowDefaults {iSPlot}R Documentation

Set the control environment variables for the control window to their defaults


setControlWindowDefaults is normally called by setControlEnvDefaults. The only time it will be called by itself is if the user closes the control window without going through the Quit menu item. That means that plots may still be open and thus, not all control environment variables should be reset to their default values. Only the control environment variables that are in this function should be reset to their defaults when the user closes only the control window.




Here are the defaults for the control environment variables set in this function: ag=c() menuBar=c() menus=list() keyVals=list() windowItem=c() availDF="" showDF="" chosenX="" chosenY="" controlWin=c() oldAction="" dataF="" findInfo="" findOn="" vBox=c() gtkTable=c() notDone=TRUE toggleButtonXList=list() toggleButtonYList=list() winDefaultHeight=500 winDefaultWidth=300


Elizabeth Whalen

See Also

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