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Set Variable Toggle Buttons in Plot Data View


When a user chooses a data set from the list in the plot data view, setVariable will show the variables for that data set as a group of toggle buttons on the right hand side of the control window. There is one set of toggle buttons for the X variable and another set for the Y variable. Any of the data set variables can be chosen as either X or Y, but there can only be one X variable and one Y variable. setVariable is called from a callback that occurs whenever a data set is chosen from the data set list in the plot data view.


setVariables(dataF, frVar)
setToggleX(j, dataFr)
setToggleY(j, dataFr)
setToggleInactive(j, type, dataFr)


dataF the data set name (a character string)
frVar the gtk frame that holds the toggle buttons
j the index of the button that just changed state
type type is X or Y
dataFr the data set name


setVariables calls resetVarButtonBoxes, which removes all old toggle buttons when a new data set is chosen. setVariables also calls setToggleX and setToggleY, which respectively set the X and Y values. In turn, setToggleX and setToggleY call setToggleInactive, which sets the toggle buttons so only one X button and one Y button can be active at one time.


Elizabeth Whalen

See Also

updateControlWindow, setPlotDView


  if (interactive())
    # loading data should be performed through the menu item 'open data'
    # setPlotDView should be called by the user choosing 'plot data' 
    # under the display menu
    # then choose USArrests from the Loaded Data list and 
    # setVariables will be called to fill in the Data Variables frame

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