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View data in gtk spreadsheet


setViewDataView sets the control window so it shows a list of loaded data. The user can then highlight one of the data sets and click on the Show button to open a new gtk window that will contain a spreadsheet (a gtk clist object) that will show the data.




Only one gtk window with a spreadsheet is allowed per data set. So if the user already opened a spreadsheet for a particular data set, they cannot open another spreadsheet with that data unless the first spreadsheet was closed. So clicking on the Show button when that data is already being shown will not do anything.

If the data set is being shown in a spreadsheet and the data changes, the spreadsheet will be updated.


Elizabeth Whalen

See Also

createView, createDataView, updateControlWindow, updateSpread


  if (interactive())
    # setViewDataView should be called by the user choosing 
    # 'View Data' under the Display menu

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