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Determines values needed to initialize a gUpdateDataMessage object if the current view is a spreadsheet


updateDFBySpread is called by updateDF when initializing a gUpdateDataMessage object and the active view is a spreadsheet. updateDFBySpread determines the slot values for the new object by determining if a select or unselect event just occurred. Event information is contained in the dots parameter. Then updateDFBySpread returns the slot values in a list.


updateDFBySpread(viewObj, where, ...)


viewObj a view object, inherited from class genView
where where the data will change (for instance it could be a row name or index)
... the event information, can be either "select" or "unselect"


type the type of change, can be "add", "delete", "modify", or "reset"
mData the new data needed to update the data set
to which data set to update


Elizabeth Whalen

See Also

updateDF, updateDFBysPlot, gUpdateDataMessage-class


  if (interactive())
    # should load data through Open Data or Open File under the File menu
    # creating a spreadsheet should occur through View Data under
    # the Display menu
    createView(type = "spreadView", dataName = "USArrests")
    # should set highlight mode using the Highlight menu item under ViewMode
    # now click on a row of the spreadsheet
    # this will cause updateDF and updateDFBySpread to be called
    # you can tell it was called because the data for that row will now
    # have highlit set to TRUE  

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