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An environment to store view information


viewEnv is an environment that stores information about views, including scatterplots and spreadsheets. Currently, the variables stored in viewEnv are activeView, curIDpoint, mainTitleColor, and viewList. viewEnv pertains to storing information for the view in the model-view-controller paradigm.


activeView is the view that is currently active. The active view will be in the gtk window that has focus.

curIDpoint is the point on a plot that was last identified. This is stored so that the text of the identified point can be removed once the mouse has moved away from that point (this is done only in identify mode). curIDpoint is a list that contains the closestXY and the closestPoint. closestXY is a list with elements x and y, giving the (x,y) location of the point and closestPoint is the row name of the closest point. curIDpoint stores the list returned from the function identifyPoint.

mainTitleColor is the color of the main title text on the plots. Currently, all plot titles are set to the view mode. The default for mainTitleColor is "red".

viewList is a list where each element is an object that is inherited from genView, such as sPlotView or spreadView. sPlotView contains information about a scatterplot such as device number, plotting parameters, etc. spreadView contains information about a spreadsheet such as the gtk clist. See the view objects (genView, plotView, sPlotView and spreadView) for more information. Each time a new view is created, it is added to viewList. Similarly, each time a view is destroyed, the view object that pertained to that view is removed from viewList.


  # list the environment variables in viewEnv
  # return one of the environment variables

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