control.errorest {ipred}R Documentation

Control Error Rate Estimators


Some parameters that control the behaviour of errorest.


control.errorest(k = 10, nboot = 25, strat = FALSE, random = TRUE, 
                 predictions = FALSE, getmodels=FALSE, list.tindx = NULL)


k integer, specify $k$ for $k$-fold cross-validation.
nboot integer, number of bootstrap replications.
strat logical, if TRUE, cross-validation is performed using stratified sampling (for classification problems).
random logical, if TRUE, cross-validation is performed using a random ordering of the data.
predictions logical, indicates whether the prediction for each observation should be returned or not (classification and regression only). For a bootstrap based estimator a matrix of size 'number of observations' times nboot is returned with predicted values of the ith out-of-bootstrap sample in column i and 'NA's for those observations not included in the ith out-of-bootstrap sample.
getmodels logical, indicates a list of all models should be returned. For cross-validation only.
list.tindx list of numeric vectors, indicating which observations are included in each bootstrap or cross-validation sample, respectively.


A list with the same components as arguments.

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