imageplot3by2 {limma}R Documentation

Write Imageplots to Files


Write imageplots to files in PNG format, six plots to a file in a 3 by 2 grid arrangement.


imageplot3by2(RG, z="Gb", prefix=paste("image",z,sep="-"), path=NULL, zlim=NULL, common.lim=TRUE, ...)


RG an RGList or MAList object, or any list with component named by z
z character string giving name of component of RG to plot
prefix character string giving prefix to attach to file names
path character string specifying directory for output files
zlim numeric vector of length 2, giving limits of response vector to be associated with saturated colors
common.lim logical, should all plots on a page use the same axis limits
... any other arguments are passed to imageplot


At the time of writing, this function writes plots in PNG format in an arrangement optimized for A4-sized paper.


No value is returned, but one or more files are written to the working directory. The number of files is determined by the number of columns of RG.


Gordon Smyth

See Also

An overview of diagnostic functions available in LIMMA is given in 09.Diagnostics.

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