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MA Plots by Print-Tip Group


Creates a coplot giving MA-plots with loess curves by print-tip groups.




object MAList or RGList object or list with components M containing log-ratios and A containing average intensities
layout a list specifying the number of tip rows and columns and the number of spot rows and columns printed by each tip. Defaults to MA$printer if that is non-null.
array integer giving the array to be plotted. Corresponds to columns of M and A.
span span of window for lowess curve
... other arguments passed to panel.smooth


Note that spot quality weights in object are not used for computing the loess curves for this plot even though such weights would be used for loess normalization using normalizeWithinArrays.


A plot is created on the current graphics device. If there are missing values in the data, then the vector of row numbers for spots with missing values is invisibly returned, as for coplot.


Gordon Smyth

See Also

An overview of diagnostic functions available in LIMMA is given in 09.Diagnostics.

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