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Write MArrayLM Object to a File


Write a microarray linear model fit a file.


write.fit(fit, results=NULL, file, digits=2, adjust="none", sep="\t")


fit object of class MArrayLM containing the results of a linear model fit
results object of class TestResults
file character string giving name of file
digits integer indicating precision to be used
adjust character string specifying method to use to adjust the P-values for multiple testing, e.g., "holm" or "fdr". See p.adjust for the available options. If NULL or "none" then the P-values are not adjusted.
sep the field separator string. Values in the output file will be separated by this string.


This function writes a tab-delimited text file containing for each gene (1) the average log-intensity, (2) the log-ratios, (3) moderated t-statistics, (4) F-statistic if available, (5) classification if available and (6) gene names and annotation.


No value is produced but a file is written to the current working directory.


Gordon Smyth

See Also

write in the base library.

An overview of linear model functions in limma is given by 06.LinearModels.

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