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Z-score Equivalents


Compute z-score equivalents of for gamma or t-distribution random deviates.


zscoreGamma(q, shape, rate = 1, scale = 1/rate) 
zscoreT(x, df)
tZscore(x, df)


q, x numeric matrix for vector giving deviates of a random variaable
shape gamma shape parameter (>0)
rate gamma rate parameter (>0)
scale gamma scale parameter (>0)
df degrees of freedom (>0 for zscore or >=1 for tZscore)


These functions compute the standard normal deviates which have the same quantiles as the given values in the specified distribution. For example, if z <- zscoreT(x,df=df) then pnorm(z) equals pt(x,df=df). tZscore is the inverse of zscoreT.

Care is taken to do the computations accurately in both tails of the distributions.


Numeric vector giving equivalent deviates from a standard normal distribution (zscoreGamma and zscoreT) or deviates from a t-distribution (tZscore).


Gordon Smyth

See Also

qnorm, pgamma, pt


zscoreGamma(1, shape=1, scale=1)
zscoreT(2, df=3)
tZscore(2, df=3)

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