knots {locfit}R Documentation

Extraction of fit-point information from a Locfit object.


Extracts information, such as fitted values, influence functions from a "locfit" object.


knots(x, tr, what, delete.pv, ...)


x Fitted object from locfit().
tr Back transformation. Default is the invers link function from the Locfit object.
what What to return; default is c("x","coef","h","nlx"). Allowed fields are x (fit points); coef (fitted values); f1 (local slope); nlx (length of the weight diagram); nlx1 (estimated derivative of nlx); se (standard errors); infl (influence function); infla (slope of influence function); lik (maximixed local log-likelihood and local degrees of freedom); h (bandwidth) and deg (degree of fit).
delete.pv If T, pseudo-vertices are deleted.
... not used.


A matrix with one row for each fit point. Columns correspond to the specified what vector; some fields contribute multiple columns.

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