plot.locfit.1d {locfit}R Documentation

Plot a one dimensional "preplot.locfit" object.


This function is not usually called directly. It will be called automatically when plotting one-dimensional "locfit" or "preplot.locfit" objects.


plot.locfit.1d(x, pv, tv, main = "", xlab = "default", ylab = x$yname,
     type = "l", ylim, add = FALSE, lty = 1, col = 1, ...)


x One dimensional "preplot.locfit" object.
pv Panel variables, to be varied within each panel of a plot. May be specified as a character vector, or variable numbers. There must be one or two panel variables; default is all variables in one or two dimensions; Variable 1 in three or more dimensions. May by specified using either variable numbers or names.
tv Trellis variables, to be varied from panel to panel of the plot.
main Main title for the plot.
xlab label for the x-axis.
ylab label for the y-axis.
type type of plot ("l" for line, "p" for points, etc.)
ylim limit (min and max) for the y-axis.
add If TRUE, the plot will be added to the existing plot.
lty line type.
col color.
... Additional arguments to the plot function.

See Also

locfit, plot.locfit, preplot.locfit

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