plot.locfit.3d {locfit}R Documentation

Plot a high-dimensional "preplot.locfit" object using trellis displays.


This function plots cross-sections of a Locfit model (usually in three or more dimensions) using trellis displays. It is not usually called directly, but is invoked by plot.locfit.

The R libraries lattice and grid provide a partial (at time of writing) implementation of trellis. Currently, this works with one panel variable.


plot.locfit.3d(x, main="", pv, tv, type = "level", pred.lab = x$vnames,
               resp.lab = x$yname, crit = 1.96, ...)


x "preplot.locfit" object.
main main title for the plot.
pv Panel variables. These are the variables (either one or two) that are varied within each panel of the display.
tv Trellis variables. These are varied from panel to panel of the display.
type Type of display. When there are two panel variables, the choices are "contour", "level" and "persp".
pred.lab labels to use for predictors.
resp.lab label to use for the response.
crit critical value for plotting error band.
... other graphical parameters.

See Also

plot.locfit, preplot.locfit

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