plot.preplot.locfit {locfit}R Documentation

Plot a "preplot.locfit" object.


The plot.locfit() function is implemented, roughly, as a call to preplot.locfit(), followed by a call to plot.locfitpred(). For most users, there will be little need to call plot.locfitpred() directly.


## S3 method for class 'preplot.locfit':
plot(x, ...)


x A "preplot.locfit" object, produced by preplot.locfit().
... Other arguments to plot.locfit.1d, plot.locfit.2d or plot.locfit.3d as appropriate.

See Also

locfit, plot.locfit, preplot.locfit, plot.locfit.1d, plot.locfit.2d, plot.locfit.3d.

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