plotbyfactor {locfit}R Documentation

x-y scatterplot, colored by levels of a factor.


Produces a scatter plot of x-y data, with different classes given by a factor f. The different classes are identified by different colours and/or symbols.


plotbyfactor(x, y, f, data, col, pch, add, lg,
             xlab = deparse(substitute(x)),
             ylab = deparse(substitute(y)), log = "", ...)


x Variable for x axis.
y Variable for y axis.
f Factor (or variable for which as.factor() works).
data data frame for variables x, y, f. Default: sys.parent().
col Color numbers to use in plot. Will be replicated if shorter than the number of levels of the factor f. Default: 1:10.
pch Vector of plot characters. Replicated if necessary. Default: O.
add If TRUE, add to existing plot. Otherwise, create new plot. Default: FALSE.
lg Coordinates to place a legend. Default: Missing (no legend).
xlab label for x-axis.
ylab label for y-axis.
log which axis should be plotted in log scale ("x", "y", or "xy".)
... Other graphical parameters, labels, titles e.t.c.



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