residuals.locfit {locfit}R Documentation

Fitted values for a '"locfit"' object.


residuals.locfit is implemented as a front-end to fitted.locfit, with the type argument set.


## S3 method for class 'locfit':
residuals(object, data=NULL, type="deviance", ...)


object "locfit" object.
data The data frame for the original fit. Usually, shouldn't be needed.
type Type of fit or residuals to compute. The default is "fit" for fitted.locfit, and "dev" for residuals.locfit. Other choices include "pear" for Pearson residuals; "raw" for raw residuals, "ldot" for likelihood derivative; "d2" for the deviance residual squared; lddot for the likelihood second derivative. Generally, type should only be used when what="coef".
... other arguments to fitted.locfit; e.g., cv and studentize.


A numeric vector of the residuals.

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