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get information from Affymetrix data files


Get specific information stored in Affymetrix data files (CEL or CDF).


getInfoInFile(filename, type, unit, property, compress = NULL)


filename a file name
type "CEL" or "CDF" are the only known types.
unit the 'unit' to find the information
property the 'property' of interest
compress a boolean


The data files seem to have a structure of 'units'. A 'unit' start with something between square brackets (ex: "[UNIT1]"). The parameter unit let one specify in which unit the information of interest is located. The 'properties' are constituted of an identifier, the sign '=' and the value for the property (ex: "numCells=12000").

If you are planning to use this function, I assume you know the what is in CEL and CDF files in details and that you know what are doing.


a character with the value of the 'property'.


The code goes through the file until the rigth 'unit' is found. Then it looks for the right 'property' further down (eventually going through the next units if the property is not found).

See Also

read.celfile, read.cdffile, whatcdf

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