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Display gene list as a HTML page


Given a set of index to a data.frame containing gene names information. We create a web page with one element per genes that contains URLs links to various external database links. E.g Operon oligodatabase , Riken, GenBank and PubMed web sites.


htmlPage(genelist, filename = "GeneList.html", geneNames =
                 Gnames, mapURL = SFGL, othernames, title, table.head,
        = TRUE, disp = c("browser", "file")[1])

table2html(restable, filename = "GeneList.html", mapURL = SFGL,
                 title, table.head, = TRUE, disp =
                 c("browser", "file")[1])


restable A data.frame that contains only the information you wish to display in the html file. The rows corresponds to a different DNA spots.
genelist A numeric vector of index to a data.frame
filename The name of the file to store the HTML in.
geneNames A data.frame containing the information related the each DNA spots.
mapURL A matrix of characters containing the URL for various external database. E.g SFGL.
othernames A data.frame containing other information.
title Title of the HTML page
table.head A character vector of column labels for the table A logical indicating whether the table should be centered
disp Either "File" or "Browser" (default is Browser). File will save the information in html file, while Browser will create an html files and display information in the user's browser.


This function is an extension to ll.htmlpage


No value is return, the function produce a html file "filename" and output the results in a browser.


Yee Hwa Yang

See Also

ll.htmlpage, URLstring, widget.mapGeneInfo


Gnames <- maGeneTable(swirl)
swirlmap <- mapGeneInfo(Name = "none", ID="genbank")
## htmlPage(100:110, geneNames = Gnames, mapURL = swirlmap, title="Swirl")

moreinfo <- round(maM(swirl), 2)
swirlmap <- mapGeneInfo(Name = "pubmed", ID="genbank")
##htmlPage(100:110, geneNames = Gnames, mapURL = swirlmap, othernames=moreinfo, title="Swirl", disp="file")

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