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Stratified bivariate robust local regression


This function performs robust local regression of a variable z on predictor variables x and y, separately within values of a fourth variable g. It is used by maNorm2D for 2D spatial location normalization.


ma2D(x, y, z, g, w=NULL, subset=TRUE, span=0.4, ...)


x A numeric vector of predictor variables.
y A numeric vector of predictor variables.
z A numeric vector of responses.
g Variables used to stratify the data.
w An optional numeric vector of weights.
subset A "logical" or "numeric" vector indicating the subset of points used to compute the fits.
span The argument span which controls the degree of smoothing in the loess function.
... Misc arguments


z is regressed on x and y, separately within values of g using the loess function.


A numeric vector of fitted values.


Sandrine Dudoit,


S. Dudoit and Y. H. Yang. (2002). Bioconductor R packages for exploratory analysis and normalization of cDNA microarray data. In G. Parmigiani, E. S. Garrett, R. A. Irizarry and S. L. Zeger, editors, The Analysis of Gene Expression Data: Methods and Software, Springer, New York.

See Also

maNormMain, maNorm2D, loess.


# See examples for maNormMain.

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