read.Galfile {marray}R Documentation

Reading GenePix Gal file


Reading a standard Gal file containing gene information.


read.Galfile(galfile, path = ".", = c("ID", "Name"), =c(Block="Block", Row="Row", Column="Column"),
labels = "ID", notes = "", sep = "\t", skip = NULL,   ncolumns=4, ...)


galfile a character string representing the Gal file.
path a character string representing the data directory. By default this is set to the current working directory ("."). the column numbers or names in `fname' that contain the required information. the column names in `fname' that specified the printer layout information.
labels the column number in fname which contains the names that the user would like to use to label spots or arrays (e.g. for default titles in maPlot.
notes object of class character, vector of explanatory text
sep the field separator character. Values on each line of the file are separated by this character. The default is to read a tab delimited file.
skip the number of lines of the data file to skip before beginning to read data.
ncolumns an integer representing the number of columns of sub-array (print-tips) on a slides.
... further arguments to scan.


gnames An object of class marrayInfo.
layout An object of class marrayLayout.


Yee Hwa (Jean) Yang

See Also

read.marrayInfo, read.marrayLayout


datadir <- system.file("swirldata", package="marray")
try <- read.Galfile(galfile="", path=datadir)

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