Tools for sequence matching of probes on arrays

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Documentation for package `matchprobes' version 1.2.1

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basecontent Obtain the ATCG content of a gene
combineAffyBatch A function to combine data from different Affymetrix genechip types into one AffyBatch.
complementSeq Complementary sequence.
getProbeDataAffy Read a data file describing the probe sequences on an Affymetrix genechip
getProbeData_1lq Read a 1lq file for an Affymetrix genechip
longestConsecutive Obtain the length of the longest substring containing only 'letter'
makeProbePackage Make a package with probe sequence related data for microarrays
matchprobes A function to match a query sequence to the sequences of a set of probes.
print.probetable Print method for probetable objects
reverseSeq Reverse Sequence.