makeProbePackage {matchprobes}R Documentation

Make a package with probe sequence related data for microarrays


Make a package with probe sequence related data for microarrays


    importfun = "getProbeDataAffy",
    pkgname = NULL,
    outdir  = ".",
    force = FALSE, quiet = FALSE,
    check = TRUE, build = TRUE, unlink = TRUE, ...)


arraytype Character. Name of array type (typically a vendor's name like "HG-U133A").
importfun Character. Name of a function that can read the probe sequence data e.g. from a file. See getProbeDataAffy for an example.
maintainer Character. Name and email address of the maintainer.
version Character. Version number for the package.
pkgname Character. Name of the package. If missing, a name is created from arraytype.
outdir Character. Path where the package is to be written.
force Logical. If TRUE overrides possible warnings
quiet Logical. If TRUE do not print statements on progress on the console
check Logical. If TRUE call R CMD check on the package
build Logical. If TRUE call R CMD build on the package
unlink Logical. If TRUE unlink (remove) the check directory (only relevant if check=TRUE)
... Further arguments that get passed along to importfun


See vignette.

Important note for Windows users: Building and checking packages requires some tools outside of R (e.g. a Perl interpreter). While these tools are standard with practically every Unix, they do not come with MS-Windows and need to be installed separately on your computer. See If you just want to build probe packages, you will not need the compilers, and the "Windows help" stuff is optional.


filename <- file.path(.path.package("matchprobes"), "extdata", "HG-U95Av2_probe_tab.gz")
outdir   <- tempdir()
me       <- "Wolfgang Huber <>"
                 datafile   = gzfile(filename, open="r"),
                 outdir     = outdir,
                 maintainer = me, 
                 version    = "0.0.1", 
                 check      = FALSE,
                 force      = TRUE)

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