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GCV/UBRE score for use within nlm


Evaluates GCV/UBRE score for a GAM, given smoothing parameters. The routine calls gam.fit to fit the model, and is usually called by nlm to optimize the smoothing parameters.

This is basically a service routine for gam, and is not usually called directly by users. It is only used in this context for GAMs fitted by outer iteration (see gam.outer) when the the outer method is "nlm.fd" (see gam.method).




sp The logs of the smoothing parameters
G a list returned by gam.setup
family The family object for the GAM.
control a list returned be gam.control
gamma the degrees of freedom inflation factor (usually 1).
pearson whether the GCV/UBRE score should be based on the Pearson statistic or the deviance. The deviance is usually preferable.


The value of the GCV/UBRE score, with attribute "full.gam.object" which is the full object returned by gam.fit.


Simon N. Wood simon.wood@r-project.org

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