Modern Regression: Smoothing and Local Methods

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isoreg Isotonic / Monotone Regression
ksmooth Kernel Regression Smoother
loess Local Polynomial Regression Fitting
loess.control Set Parameters for Loess
loess.smooth Scatter Plot with Smooth Curve Fitted by Loess
plot.isoreg Plot Method for isoreg Objects
plot.ppr Plot Ridge Functions for Projection Pursuit Regression Fit
ppr Projection Pursuit Regression
predict.loess Predict Loess Curve or Surface
predict.smooth.spline Predict from Smoothing Spline Fit
rock Measurements on Petroleum Rock Samples
runmed Running Medians - Robust Scatter Plot Smoothing
scatter.smooth Scatter Plot with Smooth Curve Fitted by Loess
smooth.spline Fit a Smoothing Spline
smoothEnds End Points Smoothing (for Running Medians)
supsmu Friedman's SuperSmoother