Classical Multivariate Analysis

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ability.cov Ability and Intelligence Tests
as.dendrogram General Tree Structures
as.dist Distance Matrix Computation
as.hclust Convert Objects to Class hclust
as.matrix.dist Distance Matrix Computation
biplot Biplot of Multivariate Data
biplot.prcomp Biplot for Principal Components
biplot.princomp Biplot for Principal Components
cancor Canonical Correlations
cmdscale Classical (Metric) Multidimensional Scaling
cophenetic Cophenetic Distances for a Hierarchical Clustering
cut.dendrogram General Tree Structures
cutree Cut a tree into groups of data
dendrogram General Tree Structures
dist Distance Matrix Computation
factanal Factor Analysis Factor Analysis
format.dist Distance Matrix Computation
Harman23.cor Harman Example 2.3
Harman74.cor Harman Example 7.4
hclust Hierarchical Clustering
heatmap Draw a Heat Map
identify.hclust Identify Clusters in a Dendrogram
kmeans K-Means Clustering
loadings Print Loadings in Factor Analysis
names.dist Distance Matrix Computation
order.dendrogram Get the ordering of the leaves in a dendrogram
plclust Hierarchical Clustering
plot.dendrogram General Tree Structures
plot.hclust Hierarchical Clustering
plot.prcomp Principal Components Analysis
plot.princomp Principal Components Analysis
prcomp Principal Components Analysis
predict.princomp Principal Components Analysis
princomp Principal Components Analysis
print.dendrogram General Tree Structures
print.dist Distance Matrix Computation
print.factanal Print Loadings in Factor Analysis
print.hclust Hierarchical Clustering
print.loadings Print Loadings in Factor Analysis
print.prcomp Principal Components Analysis
print.princomp Principal Components Analysis
print.summary.prcomp Principal Components Analysis
print.summary.princomp Summary method for Principal Components Analysis
promax Rotation Methods for Factor Analysis
rect.hclust Draw Rectangles Around Hierarchical Clusters
reorder Reorder a dendrogram
rev.dendrogram General Tree Structures
screeplot Screeplot of PCA Results
str.dendrogram General Tree Structures
summary.prcomp Principal Components Analysis
summary.princomp Summary method for Principal Components Analysis
varimax Rotation Methods for Factor Analysis
[[.dendrogram General Tree Structures