Nonlinear Regression

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asOneSidedFormula Convert to One-Sided Formula
BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand
ChickWeight Weight versus age of chicks on different diets
clearNames Remove the Names from an Object
CO2 Carbon Dioxide uptake in grass plants
DNase Elisa assay of DNase
formula.nls Extract Model Formula from nls Object
getInitial Get Initial Parameter Estimates
Indometh Pharmacokinetics of Indomethicin
Loblolly Growth of Loblolly pine trees
nls Nonlinear Least Squares
nls.control Control the Iterations in nls
nlsModel Create an nlsModel Object
NLSstAsymptotic Fit the Asymptotic Regression Model
NLSstClosestX Inverse Interpolation
NLSstLfAsymptote Horizontal Asymptote on the Left Side
NLSstRtAsymptote Horizontal Asymptote on the Right Side
numericDeriv Evaluate derivatives numerically
Orange Growth of orange trees
plot.profile.nls Plot a profile.nls Object
predict.nls Predicting from Nonlinear Least Squares Fits
profile.nls Method for Profiling nls Objects
profiler Constructor for Profiler Objects for Nonlinear Models
profiler.nls Constructor for Profiler Objects from nls Objects
Puromycin Reaction velocity of an enzymatic reaction
selfStart Construct Self-starting Nonlinear Models
setNames Set the Names in an Object
sortedXyData Create a sortedXyData object
SSasymp Asymptotic Regression Model
SSasympOff Asymptotic Regression Model with an Offset
SSasympOrig Asymptotic Regression Model through the Origin
SSbiexp Biexponential model
SSfol First-order Compartment Model
SSfpl Four-parameter Logistic Model
SSgompertz Gompertz Growth Model
SSlogis Logistic Model
SSmicmen Michaelis-Menten Model
SSweibull Weibull growth curve model
Theoph Pharmacokinetics of theophylline