nnetHess {nnet}R Documentation

Evaluates Hessian for a Neural Network


Evaluates the Hessian (matrix of second derivatives) of the specified neural network. Normally called via argument Hess=TRUE to nnet or via vcov.multinom.


nnetHess(net, x, y, weights)


net object of class nnet as returned by nnet.
x training data.
y classes for training data.
weights the (case) weights used in the nnet fit.


square symmetric matrix of the Hessian evaluated at the weights stored in the net.


Ripley, B. D. (1996) Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks. Cambridge.

Venables, W. N. and Ripley, B. D. (2002) Modern Applied Statistics with S. Fourth edition. Springer.

See Also

nnet, predict.nnet


# use half the iris data
ir <- rbind(iris3[,,1], iris3[,,2], iris3[,,3])
targets <- matrix(c(rep(c(1,0,0),50), rep(c(0,1,0),50), rep(c(0,0,1),50)),
150, 3, byrow=TRUE)
samp <- c(sample(1:50,25), sample(51:100,25), sample(101:150,25))
ir1 <- nnet(ir[samp,], targets[samp,],size=2, rang=0.1, decay=5e-4, maxit=200)
eigen(nnetHess(ir1, ir[samp,], targets[samp,]), TRUE)$values

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