find.marker {qtl}R Documentation

Find marker closest to a specified position


Find the genetic marker closest to a specified position on a chromosome.


find.marker(cross, chr, pos)


cross An object of class cross. See read.cross for details.
chr A vector of chromosome identifiers, or a single such.
pos A vector of cM positions.


If the input chr has length one, it is expanded to the same length as the input pos.

If multiple markers are exactly the same distance from the specified position, one is chosen at random from among those with the most genotype data.

For a cross with sex-specific maps, the input positions are assumed to correspond to the female genetic map.


A vector of marker names (of the same length as the input pos), corresponding to the markers nearest to the specified chromosomes/positions.


Karl W Broman,

See Also

find.flanking, plot.pxg


find.marker(listeria, 5, 28)
find.marker(listeria, c(1, 5, 13), c(81, 28, 26))

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